Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010

Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mysterious Creature Spotted in Lake Erie
A Good Omen of Cleaner Water

A tall fishing tale of a huge creature living in Lake Erie has been around for ions. So much controversy has gone around about supposed sightings, and whether or not this amphibious creature is real has become something to poke fun at.

A landowner whose property butts up against route #2 actually floated a goofy looking replica of this monster for all passerby drivers to see.

That may be the reason I peered with suspicion at the strange, yet beautifully exotic depiction of an other-worldly looking creature in the local advertising/newspaper flyer. By the greenish tint of the photo, I could tell this was taken my an underwater camera.

Hanging around the mysterious, free-floating object were some friendly blue gills who appeared to be curious about the bulbous underwater creature too. Still, I couldn’t guess what this thing could have been. Anyone who lives around Lake Erie has heard a plethora of fishing stories. I thought I had heard them all.

Fishing Lake Erie throughout the years, I had dropped thirty five feet of fishing line into her mysterious depths. I had snorkeled in the lake, the bay, off of the islands, but this mysterious creature was an unknown entity in my experience. The photo of the colorful, translucent and gelatinous creature had never been portrayed in any of the fishing yarns I’d ever heard of, so I thought it must not be real.

The photo did not look doctored. The lavender colored surface markings reminded me of global continents on the earth. Other smaller red markings dotted the creature’s exterior. Oranges and yellows against a translucent backdrop followed an irregular line suggesting the quivery movement reminiscent of a jelly fish.

“This cannot be,” I remarked. “Jellyfish only live in the ocean.” I showed the picture of the mysterious creature to my husband who then told me of the swimming hole he and his friends visited as a young child. He said there were always two inch jellyfish inhabitants there swimming all around them.

So, I went on to read the article, and sure enough the mysterious creature in the photograph was a freshwater jellyfish! The good news about the mysterious creature is that it’s a sign that Lake Erie is finally getting cleaner water.

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