Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010

Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Pisces Astrology

Neptune rules Pisces, and is known as the planet associated with religion. The speculation about when Christ was born is ongoing, but some very influential mystical sects believe Christ was a Pisces. Hence, Pisces is associated with the symbolism of suffering. So, it is no coincidence that the beginning of Lent coincides with the oncoming Piscean influence.

The Pisces general Sun transit usually takes place between February 19th and March 20th. Keywords for the sign of the fishes are fruitful, negative, feminine, and double bodied.

The Piscean Age was from approximately 1 AD until 2000 AD – symbolized in the doctrine of Jesus Christ, who took the sins of the world upon him.

Pisces is represented by the fish symbol of Ixthus, and in astrology is characterized by two fish. It is described with terms like sympathetic, universal love, seclusion, self sacrifice, escapism, mediumship, and poetic. The sign of the fish was used on the doors of Christian believers to indicate safe haven for one another during the times of Roman persecution.

The other symbolism associated with the number two, and the double bodied fish emblem, is a certain dualism in regard to spirit. Spirituality with Pisces can be either sacred or profane.

The ruling planet is Neptune, the shrouded planet, and confusion is sometimes the trademark of Pisces. Also, Pisces is known as a water sign, and water is associated with sensitivity.

Recently, an article by Associated Content Contributor, TS Garp, reviews some phenomenal new studies about water having its own consciousness. Amazing test results with water forming crystals showed, more or less, that water does indeed have feelings. See the link below to click on TS Garp's thought provoking review.

Pisces are often reclusive because of their extreme sensitivity. Their consciousness borders on the realm of psychic. Walking into a crowded room can completely jangle his or her sense of calm composure.

When Pisces is out and amongst a crowd, he or she may be suffering silently in behalf of those in the immediate environment.

As always, no singular event or characterization constitutes an accurate study, especially when it comes to human beings. Pisces combined with representative planets in fire and earth signs makes for a completely different picture than the isolated factual descriptions of one Sun sign. A good example of such generalization is the Sun sign description that is available and widely read in the newspapers.

Pisces’ corresponding physical focus is the feet, toes, glandular and lymphatic system, and the tarsus and metatarsus bones. Not known for having a hardy constitution, tending to health issues is very important for Pisces. The extreme psychic receptivity takes a toll on energy resources for this native.

On the same token, the otherworldly sensitivity gives Pisces a great aptitude for creativity and producing works of art with an essence of ethereal fascination.

Famous people with a strong Piscean influence are, among many, Alfred Hitchcock, Pope Pius II, Harry Houdini, Elizabeth Browning, Victor Hugo, van Gogh, Tennessee Williams, George Washington, and Edgar Cayce.

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