Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010

Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Libra Graciously Opens the Door to Autumn

Libra astrology represents the knife edged tightrope between opposites. Opposite to the Spring Equinox, which does Aries host, Libra makes an appearance on the opposite side of the zodiac.

Libra/Aries is part of a cycle, and when the focus is on Libra, it means that the lessons of the past three months are applied symbolically through Libra.

A Cardinal sign according to astrology, Libra is said to exist on the Cardinal Cross. It shares the Cardinal position with three other signs. Cardinal signs such as Libra are constantly found leading the way, organizing the program, and putting things into an orderly arrangement.

Here within the Libra sphere, darkness and light balance. Our days and nights gradually become equal. From a spiritual perspective, the Libran balance applies to balancing matter and soul.

Astrology has it that this is the place where dualities are neutralized through balance. We may look at happiness/sadness, good/evil, poverty/wealth and many other opposites as an example.

Located in the middle of the body, the whole solar plexus is a focal point with a physical tie in to a Libran’s being. Libra’s body focus is the kidneys.

Libra opens the doors to autumn, and represents the Autumnal Equinox when the sun rises specifically due east and sets precisely due west.

When the Sun enters Libra on September 22nd, the Sun is ushered through the Celestial Equator. This is a intangible demarcation that is directly above the Earth’s equator rotating from East to West.

Libras are social beings. A certain poise and grace composes the makeup of the Libran personality. With much care and attentiveness, Libra watches over relationships, and takes mind to keep balance and beauty and peace in the surrounding community of his or her world.

With charisma and refinement, a Libra goes into a social situation and takes charge. He or she is so charming about putting things in order, that no one really notices when the whole group has been taken over by the Libra in their midst.

Libra astrology governs sex, law, and money, which are the astral, mental, and physical planes respectively. The task at hand for Libra is to synthesize these.

“Applied creativity” is how the magic happens, according to Souledout. org.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus. Libra is considered a masculine sign. Exalted in this astrology symbol, planet Saturn’s relationship to the balancing sign provides the discipline to synthesize and provide equilibrium to the environment. Libra is also labeled as a sign of the air.

Libra people are easy to mingle with. Many Libras have an intense, burning desire to be with a mate. It is as if the significant other is the only thing that makes life complete. As an astrology sign, Libra has a very special place within the zodiac.

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