Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010

Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010
View of Hunter's Moon Spectacular

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Learning Astrology Guru Style

When people are kind and honest, I will follow them like a puppy dog, and this was the case with an astrologer friend/guru who taught me astrology.  I began as a hardheaded skeptic, but through time learned that his predictions accurately described an emotional climate along with an anticipated duration of time.

Best friends for years, in order to communicate, learning the language of this eccentric man eventually integrated into my vocabulary.  For example, if he knew a woman who he felt attracted to, he’d say “There goes a pretty little Cancer girl.”  And then he’d explain to me how most Cancer women are attractive.

Sometimes, I’d have him cast a chart for someone I was dating.  John could explain intimate, almost embarrassing details about the person.  After so many different astrology chart interpretations that fit our mutual friends, and his knowledge of detailed facts about his client’s lives, I almost became convinced.

John had explained to me how astrology is about energy patterns created by the planets surrounding Mother Earth, and had done so repeatedly through his fanaticism with astrology, that I had absorbed much of his knowledge.

I also always had access to an unbelievably complete library of spiritual astrology of which he reviewed the various astrological writers.

Rather than getting so immersed in the cosmic world that I would be removed from tangible, earthly endeavors, I took up gardening by moon signs.

Interesting observations showed that other gardeners intuitively followed the best moon sign gardening activities without being privy to any astrological ephemeris listings of the moon’s placement.

Later, combining some of John’s descriptions of astrological energies, I began to see how a general mood seemed to precipitate the day.  Fixed signs usually meant slower traffic, which I got to check out commuting to college on a daily basis.  Rain on or near certain water signs, like Pisces, seemed to have a pattern, and so forth.

And it does seem that Cancerian individuals are usually good looking.

After deciding to investigate more avenues of astrology, I compiled a library of astrology charts that I did for free.  Hundreds of examples proved to be accurate as far as the types of energies that John had ascribed to the surrounding planets.

That’s when I got hooked.  Still a generalist who wishes to reserve time for creative endeavors, writing about the astrological concepts that my guru taught me, is something I’d like to share with the world because it has helped so much.

Astrology offers a way to go with the flow.  Like electricity, taking the path of least resistance expedites life endeavors.  John lives in a different state, now, and we’ve lost contact, but I hope he knows how much I appreciate learning astrology guru style.

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