Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010

Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010
View of Hunter's Moon Spectacular

Friday, February 12, 2010

The House that I Designed

When my husband retired, I was scared to death. Being a high energy person, I suddenly realized he worud be in constant motion with nothing to do. Afraid that he would drive me buggy, I bought a lot near Lake Erie. I said "Here, honey. Build a house, now."

Well, the house building turned out to be a joint effort. Together we drew up the plans on typing paper. First, I would make the drawing, and then he would change whatever he needed for practical considerations. He would have to install plumbing and heating, construct the frame, etc.

It ended up that he made my kitchen smaller than I had designed, but it worked out o.k.

The main thing that I had always wanted was a breezeway. He built the garage extra big with lots of outlets for accommodating work benches and projects. The big garage left a flexible option in case someone would someday wish to add another living unit by remodeling and omitting the garage. Being in a vacation area, many people alter their houses creating accommodations for tourists, etc.

Picture of House

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