Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010

Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010
View of Hunter's Moon Spectacular

Friday, February 12, 2010

Libra Shares Transiting Saturn Influence

For 2010 Virgo and Saturn intertwine destinies due to the transiting Saturn effects. Saturn has already been in Virgo since about mid 2008. However, Virgos may be feeling as though this Saturn transit has been around forever. Libras usually balance incoming energy manifestations.

However, it’s going to be interesting to see the Libran balancing act as the disciplinarian planet Saturn moves back and forth in its motion relative to other nearby planetary orbits. Since the planet Saturn is exalted in Libra, it may be a labor of love to keep everything on keel.

One retrograde period has lapsed as Saturn revisited Virgo, and then returned to Libra’s side once again.

Virgo can expect another Saturn visit in April of 2010.

One last hurrah happens with Saturn conjuncting Virgo from April through July. After that, the Saturnine energy is Libra’s baby.

Either Virgo or Libra is well equipped to handle a Saturn transit. This is true more so than with other signs, in any event. Virgo’s got the capability for self-discipline, which is what’s needed anytime there’s an astrological transit involving Planet Saturn. Libras and Saturn are just naturally comfortable together.

Still, it’s going to be a time to work toward a goal. Social life will be secondary to work endeavors. This is a really good time to study, or start an exercise regimen with a goal in mind. Enrolling in any kind of a school works with the Saturn energy, too.

Do something that requires you to keep your nose to the grindstone, Virgos and Libras.

As far as the dates of these major planet transits like Saturn, the cut-off time is veritably non-existent. Why? Because the reactions of each individual are different, and Saturn moves through the celestial skies at a steady pace, the restrictive energy fades away, rather than making any clear-cut transitions.

Following a prescribed plan ultimately proves to help both Virgo and Libra who are sharing the same Saturn transit, so to speak. Once the self-discipline has been applied, look for the results to start dribbling in sometime during 2011, depending on the exact date of birth.

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