Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010

Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Are women going to take power and change the world? - Nostradamus 2012 quatrains

Nostradamus' cryptic projections about the year 2012 may not be about world annihilation after all. The world may simply give way to a more feminine approach. Predictions for this controversial year vary to a great extent.

For fear of witch hunting during the Inquisition, Nostradamus began disguising his astrology predictions by writing them in quatrains. The mysterious quatrains came about as an attempt to conceal the divination aspects of astrology.

The correct interpretation of the quatrains is anyone's guess.

The strife that we have seen in the pre 2012 world could simply be blamed on the suppression of intuitive thinking. Instead of linear thinking, the intuitive process may take over and begin a new approach to solving the problems of the world.

Nostradamus had great respect for women. His philosophy was outside of the mainstream of Inquisition type mentality toward the feminine element. When religion turned in on itself and began destroying the intuitive avenues of spiritual understanding, violence against women grew and eventually became rampant. Witch hunts and persecution of supposed witches, most of them women, became commonplace horrors of those ancient times.

As an astrologer, Nostradamus was able to see feminine/masculine as polarities; simple waves of energy that represent the male or female essence. In order to be balanced, both sides of the wavelike pattern are necessary to allow the holistic energy to complete its motion in an uninterrupted pattern.

Straight line logic and reasoning grew to be the only accepted way of thinking and communicating. The female intuitive way of knowledge was regarded with suspicion. More than suspicion, an underlying fear of a woman's mysterious power led to some horrifying extremes. The female essence of feeling, nurturing, healing, and intuitive reasoning became signs of witchcraft.

Eve encouraged Adam to partake in the knowledge of the world which ended the blissful life they had known. Since then, branded with the role of temptress, the ills of society were blamed mostly on women because they distracted men from a focus on godliness.

Men were only supposed to keep their minds on piousness and God. Women were disdained because they were blamed for seducing men, and leading them away from their sole purpose of focusing on God.

Women are gradually working their way into positions of importance.

As the human race evolves, women are still advancing. But progress has been slow. With, Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, entering the astrological picture, the process may be greatly hastened. More about the pre 2012 planetary alignment :

In 2012, the planetary alignment could bring the world to a sudden change in human perception. We are headed there now with concerns about the environment, but there will be more.

A different interpretation of Nostradamus 2012 predictions:

The male dominated world will be replaced with female representation. Interpretations of the cryptic writings of Nostradamus and the 2012 predictions are only understood through intuitive means normally attributed to woman kind. Practicing astrologers can only offer conjecture about the true meaning of the endlessly fascinating Nostradamus 2012 predictions.


Nostradamus Prophesies for Women
written by Manuela Dunn Mascetti
and Peter Lorie

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