Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010

Hunter's Moon at Dusk 2010
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do the astrology aspects and the biography match? - William Butler Yeats

Yeats, a legendary poet, has had so much impact on his fellow humanity. Almost 150 years later, his work is still adored by many. A poet whose karma played out in a life that gave him an incredible gift with the written word.

Many people are gifted, but Yeats’ had extraordinary capability. His birth chart astrology displays the rest of the magical components required to make such a shining star in the literary world.

With Aries in a trine aspect, he could focus on his mark with precision. He also had follow through, and a capacity for self discipline.

For some of us, these kinds of attributes are acquired. Yeats was born with them, along with all of the complimentary tools needed to use his gifts. His bequest to the world was destined to be part of this particular lifetime to become a world-renowned poet.

He was interested in mysticism, and ironically wrote his best works after receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. To read a short biography of Yeat's life, click the following link :

Certain astrology aspects are rare, and are considered special compared to the ordinary square, trine, and conjunct aspects. Everyone has these plain aspects.

In astrology, the first portal in a horoscope interpretation that should set off bells and buzzers is a Grand Trine.

This is the sort of trine that connects through the elemental properties of Earth, Air, Water, or Fire. When one astrology element is dominant and three birth planets cohabitate within the same element, it instills a specific potency of the four areas.

The Grand Trine is an unusual occurrence. Yeats had two Grand Trines. These were Fire and Air. . . . chart courtesy of Astrodienst

Yeats’ Sun, Mercury, and Rising sign unite in Gemini.

Gemini is known for it’s own mercurial quickness of thought and mental faculty. Sociable and charming, Gemini graces an astrology chart with a talent for writing.

Adding fiery passion to the mix, Yeats’ second Grand Trine is situated in the element of fire. Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius comprise the essence of this one.

Leo gives drama; Aries contributes intelligent aggression while Sagittarius is yet one more sign contributing to writing skills and communication. Represented by the Archer, Sagittarius contributes to an otherworldly awareness, as well.

Libra also blends into the mix helping balance these energies, as well as giving him natural organizational skills. Venus in Taurus brings an intense focus on beauty and grace.

An Aquarian Moon sign gives him a certain aloofness and compassion for humanity all at the same time.

There were not very many people like him in history. For this reason the William Butler Yeats’ legend survives long after his passing. Dynamic astrology charts like his don’t happen very often, either.

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